News and Observer – Sept 3, 2016

Pop the Cap Movement Paves the Way to Craft Freedom

North Carolina’s beloved – and lucrative – craft brew scene reached a turning point a dozen years ago when a disparate band of activists coalesced around twin passions: a love of craft beer and hatred for being told what they couldn’t do. Those passions fueled a movement called Pop the Cap, a grassroots campaign that led […]

New York Times – May 2016

Women's Rising Influence in Politics, Tinted Green

Women are bankrolling political campaigns this year more than ever, driven by their rising rank in the workplace, boosts in women’s wealth, and networks set up to gather their donations and bolster their influence. Theresa Kostrzewa, a lobbyist in North Carolina, has donated almost $300,000 for Republicans in recent years. “There’s an expectation even among […]