News and Observer – Sept 3, 2016

Pop the Cap Movement Paves the Way to Craft Freedom

North Carolina’s beloved – and lucrative – craft brew scene reached a turning point a dozen years ago when a disparate band of activists coalesced around twin passions: a love of craft beer and hatred for being told what they couldn’t do. Those passions fueled a movement called Pop the Cap, a grassroots campaign that led […]

New York Times – May 2016

Women's Rising Influence in Politics, Tinted Green

Women are bankrolling political campaigns this year more than ever, driven by their rising rank in the workplace, boosts in women’s wealth, and networks set up to gather their donations and bolster their influence. Theresa Kostrzewa, a lobbyist in North Carolina, has donated almost $300,000 for Republicans in recent years. “There’s an expectation even among […]

New York Times – February 2016

Ted Cruz and Donald Trump Head Toward Super Tuesday With G.O.P.’s Deepest Pockets

“South Carolina is the political equivalent of the parting of the Red Sea,” said Theresa Kostrzewa, a Bush fund-raiser in North Carolina, who predicted most of Mr. Bush’s supporters would flow to Mr. Rubio. “Republicans: This is your sign from God.” Read full article at

Washington Post – February 2016

Fall of the House of Bush: How last name and Donald Trump doomed Jeb

Nothing, however, cut as close to the bone as Trump’s claim that Bush was too “low-energy” to serve as president. The accusation was laughable — until it began to stick. Trump’s charge was in fact a proxy for a different and more difficult argument to combat: that Bush was neither strong nor edgy enough for […]

New York Times – September, 2015

Big Donors Seek Larger Roles in Presidential Campaigns

Republican lobbyist and donor Theresa Kostrzewa told the New York Times, “Donors are demanding a lot these days, man, and they want answers and they want results, and a lot of them hit the panic button a lot. This is a new day. Donors consider a contribution like, ‘Well, wait, I just invested in you. Now […]

Newsweek – June, 2015

Bush's Run Will Be From Romney's Ghost

North Carolina donor Theresa Kostrzewa, who raised campaign dollars for Romney and now donates to Bush, attended Bush’s April retreat in Miami. She saw a stark difference between the two campaign organizations. “We learned who the real Mitt was two years after the election when someone did a documentary,” Kostrzewa said. “The mantra of this […]

Washington Post – June, 2015

Why So Many Women Are Raising Money For Hillary Clinton

There are also efforts to expand the number of female donors on the GOP side. Theresa Kostrzewa, a Republican lobbyist in North Carolina who is raising money for former Florida governor Jeb Bush, said there is an increasing recognition among his backers that they need to bring more women into the financial side of the […]

Washington Post – May, 2015

Inside Jeb Bush’s Long Game: A Bet On Peaking Late

“One of the hardest things in politics is to be patient, to make the plan and work the plan,” said Theresa Kostrzewa, a Republican lobbyist and fundraiser in North Carolina. Read full article at

News & Observer – April, 2015

Helms, Others Cautious of Religious Freedom Act’s ‘New Rights’

But Theresa Kostrzewa and Lisa Martin, Republican lobbyists who worked with a business alliance to keep the act from passing in North Carolina, said Helms’ words might come in handy if the act reappears. They had been unaware of his views until Dome inquired. Helms’ remarks were made available by the Jesse Helms Center in […]

Washington Post – February, 2015

Bush Blows Away GOP Rivals With 2016 War Chest

“Gov. Bush will get the majority of the money here, the big money,” said Theresa Kostrzewa, a lobbyist in North Carolina who backed Romney in 2012 and is now supporting Bush. “And Gov. Walker will get a fair share. But I think the interest in Gov. Christie was fleeting. “For people in North Carolina, it’s […]